sentimental streak

seventh street surf shop
It's remarkably unusual for August, but these past few days have abandoned the last few lingering days of summer and ushered in fall for an early visit. It's just a smell in the wind, the drop in the humidity, the brief rains that pop in a couple times a day, but it's definitely autumn, and it's coming around to me again.
I think I wrote a post on it once last year; how fall always brings memories and feelings and bittersweet moments back to the forefront of my mind. And really, it's happening again. No other time of the year can produce this kind of sentiment in my soul,yet for some weird reason fall does.  I'm a pretty black & white kind of girl almost all the time, but fall is wonderful; It gives me an odd sappy streak.
And of course, when you wake up on a rainy morning with serious nostalgia, the only logical thing to do is to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins right-away-pronto, drink a couple cups of coffee, and sketch all day. Also, I deny all accusations of my eating five or six of said muffins. Shhh. 


  1. This is so weird, because I'm reading about your summer becoming autumn, while over here the last shrouds of winter have lifted and it feels like spring. All the blooms are coming out. I loved reading this piece because I feel the same way as you about autumn. There's just something about it that touches your soul.

    Also, I think I need to come over to the US and try me some pumpkin stuff. The only pumpkin stuff we have here is, well, pumpkin. No pumpkin spice lattes or anything :(

    Also also, I adore your notebook. Such cute wee sketches. How did you learn to write like that?

    1. that is crazy weird that it's almost spring there! Yep yep yep, come to Georgia and we will feed you pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip bread and pumkin spice lattes (though personally, those are not my favourite).

      As far as my writing goes, usually I just practice things I see or logos/fonts I see online a lot. Nothing fancy or calligraphic or anything.


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