some things I will never be able to write

why are there some things that I will never be able to write? Memories float around in my head that I want to catch on paper desperately, but I know the thought will never surrender themselves entirely to the bonds of ink and paper.They are good memories--the ones I want to write-- but somehow they are so much harder to write than the difficult in my life. They never sounds right: too artificial or too touchy-feely and not nearly enough genuine and happy as they should.  when I try to scribble it in my head, I have this strange feeling that I have lost the image in my head before I even try to recreate it on paper.
  The memory just becomes stagnant in my mind, losing its meaning and emotion as time moves on, and I know as the it trickles and fades down to a passing glimpse  that one day, I will wake up and it will be gone, travelling down some tunnel in my brain to which I will never be able to return.

// my crazy thoughts on life and writing and everything else swirling around in my brain. I've been reading too many Sylvia Plath quotations. 

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  1. I think I am learning that some memories just have to be lived.
    And you're a beautiful writer, girl!


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