[ to think on ]

san diego

i.    God is always faithful.
ii.    life isn't always easy.
iii.   pumpkin cookies are always a good idea.
iv.   its okay to cry.
v.   don't think that you always have to have it together.
vi.   rainy days are beautiful.
vii.  pajama days are comforting.
viii. life goes on.
ix.  pain doesn't last forever.
x.   knowing and loving Christ is the only thing that matters.
xi.  my home is not this world.

[ thoughts + frame from september ]

xx Natalie


  1. Love. Your writing is so straight from the heart.

  2. Your blog posts are my favorite. :) As well as your sister's. You guys are so different in the way you write, but you both make it work so beautifully, and I love you both for it.

  3. Very true. :)

    Have you heard this sermon (http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/conference-messages/c-s-lewis-on-heaven-and-the-new-earth-god-s-eternal-remedy-to-the-problem-of-evil-and-suffering#/listen/full) from John Piper's CS Lewis conference last month?

    Your thoughts above reminded me of Randy Alcorn's talk about suffering on this earth vs. Heaven's joys.

    1. no i haven't, but it sounds great. :) Maybe I'll be able to listen to it.


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