radical gospel

It's essential for us to think about God's love today because it is only His love that can grant us the joy that will strengthen our hearts, the courage that will embolden us in our fight against sin, and the assurance that will enable us to open up our lives to Him so that he might deal powerfully with our unbelief and idolatry. . . If we don't consciously live in the light of His love, the gospel will be secondary, virtually meaningless, and Jesus Christ will fade into insignificance. Our faith will become all about us, our performance, and how we think we're doing, and our transformation will be hindered. What must we remember? Simply that God loves us so much that He crushed His Son so that we might be His and that this love isn't based on our worthiness or performance. His love doesn't fluctuate day to day. It was settled the moment He set it upon you before the foundation of the world.  
   because he loves me, elyse fitzpatrick

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