these days

if I could just get through this day. I don't realize how often I think this. Yesterday at work I found myself repeating this to myself, during a particularly grueling shift where things weren't going smoothly and we were all pretty irritated at each other. Just make it to the end of my shift, I kept telling myself. This is also what I indoctrinate myself with during homework-heavy weeks, when I'm dealing with worldly coworkers, when I'm stressed, when I don't want to do whatever the task is at hand.

What am I thinking? Every day is a crazy amazing gift from God in which I have countless chances to bring glory to Him with my thoughts and actions. I'm not guaranteed these days; they are numbered, and I have no clue how many I'll have. Why do I complain about such a precious gift? Why am I not thanking God that I have a job and go to college where the gospel is vitally needed and where I can proclaim Christ? Why am I not falling down on my knees thanking God for yet another opportunity to obey Him out of gratitude?

I don't know.

But, I'm thanking God that He can--and will--change my thinking.

(p.s. i started college and that's exciting).


  1. You, my dear, are a superhero...because I'm still in High School without a legitimate job, and I think that too.

    As always, I'm praying for you, and, while you put your head down and work, don't forget to listen to Coldplay and read a good book with a nice cup of tea every once in a while too. :)

    1. (coughcough I totally thought during high school without a job too coughcough). ;)
      You are so sweet, and thank you for praying! I'm taking you up on your advice tonight and have a cup of tea in hand and coldplay streaming through my speakers.

  2. I love your heart.

    p.s. yay!


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