to God be all the glory


God is good, faithful, truthful, sinless, all-powerful, all-knowing, kind, forgiving, slow to anger, loving, provider, majestic, trustworthy, self-sufficient, unchangeable, eternal,  merciful, just, the only God, infinite, supreme, wise, sovereign, immutable, utterly holy, patient, gracious, creator, artistic, zealous, jealous, righteous, perfect.

(i am not any of those things). 

it is incomprehensible to know why such a perfect, holy God would redeem such flawed, ugly, insignificant wretches who were bent on hating Him. we were passionate about our sin, purposely disobeying and rebelling and forsaking the God who made us, who loves us and cares for us. Yet even after we rejected Him and endlessly pursued other idols and sought fulfillment that we could never obtain, God sent his precious Son to be beaten, mocked, jeered, blasphemed, laughed at, tortured, and slain for our sin. yet Christ didn't just die in our place, He also conquered sin and death, giving us hope for eternity with God. 

get this -- we don't even have the will or power to believe this promise of salvation by ourselves. God does that too -- He draws us nearer to him, opens our eyes, and softens our hearts to the gospel while we were dead, blind, deaf and closed to Him. 

i can never understand the infinite expanse of God's love. even after everything i have done to hurt Him and grieve Him, by holding onto my sin or worshiping myself, He still purposes for me to glorify His name to those darkened by sin. i mess up and mar His reputation and disobey him (still) and am a freaking idiot a lot of the time, but He still forgives me when i repent and gave me the Holy Spirit to help me in this endeavor. 

and beyond all this that God has done for me, He has also made me heirs with His perfect, blameless Son to the riches in heaven, has given me wisdom a and insight, and has sealed my salvation with Him. 

After all He has accomplished, is doing, and will do, it is out of utter gratefulness that i want to obey Him. I am His child, wanting to imitate His love, His kindness, His graciousness, His patience, His mercy. and these things can't earn me salvation, or make Christ's sacrifice more significant. even trying to do good works for that purpose is a sin because it isn't fully trusting in God. I want to do those things because I have one amazing God with such amazing love I don't even fully understand it.

to God be all the glory.

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