"for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. therefore walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true)." [ephesians 58-9]

for at one time you were darkness. 
let that sink in. We weren't just in darkness or were dark people, we were darkness. We embodied it. our souls were dark matter itself, scorched beyond healing, blackened beyond recognition. We were the nightmares and the night terrors and the concentrated dose of all that is wretched in this world.

but now you are light in Christ.
what a metamorphosis! we were the starless, moonless, inky night, God was the perfect blazing sun, and Christ was the dawn, saving us from the murky despair of ourselves and coalescing the boundary between darkness and light to bring us to a new life.. we are children of the sun, of the light--not by our own doing, but of Christ's bloody sacrifice we became shining with brilliance. praise be to God for the marvelous work he has performed in our lives! what a great, insurmountable debt we owe him.

therefore walk as children of light.
let us fall at the feet of the King and worship Him.
let us show such mercy, such compassion, but most of all, such pure, unadulterated love as God has shown us.
let us cling fervently to His words, hanging on each one, eternal grateful for his loving kindness that extends past time itself.
let us shed any remnant shadow of the night to which we once belonged, clinging fully and completely to the light.

we are new creatures in Christ, freed from the bondage of sin, destined to be forever with the one who loved us first. praise be God for the mighty works he has done, transforming broken lives into beautiful things.

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