whatta summer. i don't think i ever could have expected all the incredible adventures i went on this summer. It's been full, brimmed with memories and moments i won't forget. 

the fresh days of spring break took me to colorado for a week, my brother and sister and law had this crazy idea to take a roadtrip during our spring break and somewhere during the lists of possible destinations colorado jumped out and gripped us all. we pulled an all nighter and drove the whole twenty one hours in one burst. but man, it was worth it. we drove up to red rocks, where i freaked out as my brother took us backstage (no one told us we couldn't) and we saw the wall that every artist that performs there signs. 

we ran around with our cameras, alternating freaking out about how big everything was and how small we were and how we all wanted to move to colorado at that exact moment and never leave.

we got dizzy from of the altitude (or the beauty, i still dont know) and literally had our breath taken away.

we listened to the entire serial podcast on the way there and back. heck yes. 

we walked to a local coffee bar and i had the best espresso macchiato of my life. 

we ran around hugging rocks and gawking at everything we saw. if you've ever been to colorado, this is basically what you do 99% of the time. 

we bought henna at a rather janky hippie shop, gave each other sharpie tattoos, and shared music playlists.

i swear these mountains deepen you as a person. 

we visited breckenridge, a rad ski town, and basically didn't speak the entire drive down. breckenridge is in a valley at the base of all of these gorgeous mountain ranges, so the entire drive you're descending into these valleys, staring up at the mountain giants, and then ascending up into the giant mountain ranges. you drive through mountains, over mountains, around mountains under mountains. it is the most beautiful thing i've ever experienced in the world. 

colorado felt to me like i was running around the state, breathlessly dizzy, staring wide eyed at the beautiful nature around me, wondering how a God who created all of this cared one inkling about me enough to sacrifice his only son and make me his child. crazy. 

i literally can't think of anything to top this. 

leaving breckenridge was a series of "wait let's pull over here" and "oh my word we have to stop".

we went hiking in the garden of the gods, staring more up than at the road, eventually just climbing a bunch of rocks and sitting for an hour, taking in the view, so filled with emotion and solace and peace. 

we came home. we drove to nebraska, stayed the night with some sweet friends who fed us pretty rad cajun food, and then did the other twelve hours of driving the next morning, drawing, podcast-listening, and sleeping. 

we did a decent amount of hanging out with this girl, lauren, my soul sister. we ran around woodstock and newnan, snatching up coffee and ice cream and taking spontaneous walks and watching fringe and pirates of the caribbean, eating a lot of good food, an outrageous amount of pancakes and peanut butter, and eating jars of cookie butter in one sitting. it's always a good thing when she's around.

we did a lot of henna. a lot. 

i served at my church's annual kids camp. at our church, kid's camp is basically christmas, but better. it was a lot of sleep deprivation and camp food and sweat and sand and water, throwing marshmallows , and little girl giggles, but it was some of the happiest four days of the summer.

i left the country. i had the incredible opportunity to go on a three week missions trip to croatia and italy with a team of people from my church. 

we had a six hour layover in brussels, so we rode the bus all the way to the center of the city, and had a wonderful croissant and coffee.  

we walked messina. we had pizza with the church (true, divine, sicilian pizza), we walked out in the square at night, we ate the best gelato and cannoli, we played soccer, we ate brioche and honey croissants and double espressos every morning, and served the church intensely. we ran a children's camp there, teaching the kids the gospel, music, and english. 

we were struck with the beauty of this beautiful, Mediterranean city.

we ate (we ate a ton). these two ladies in the church cooked a six course lunch for us every single day of the camp, and it was delicious. i have never eaten so much pasta and mozzarella cheese in my life. 

 we climbed an active volcano. that's right.

probably the coolest thing i've done in my life. it took us about thirty minutes of intense hiking and not breathing to get up to the top. the slope was probably a seventy degree angle, covered in loose rocks, so getting a grip and actually going anywhere was a little bit challenging. about three or four times we nearly turned around. it was freezing, our muscles were burning, and we couldn't breathe from the altitude. but we kept going. and i'm so glad we did. 

we went to taormina, and explored the ruins at teatro greco and marveled at how the world can actually be this beautiful.

we spent our last night in messina at the church until midnight, with warm hugs and kisses on the cheeks and promises to stay in touch. 

we arrived in Zagreb, Croatia exactly twenty three hours later, driving past the foothills of the alps in the moody weather. 

we became obsessed with to juice, and by obsessed, buying two or three boxes a day and drinking them and carrying them with us like we had children or something. 

we hosted an english camp representing emmanuel baptist church, and had the time of our lives serving. it was hard work and gave new meaning to the word exhaustion, but it was some of the most gratifying work i have ever done in my life. 

we took a train to zagreb in the cool light in the morning, i wrote poetry and people watched. 

we explored the zagreb open market, bought fresh cherries, and explored the old city.

 we walked the entire distance of krapina and into three other towns one night with our new friends. they showed us the best view of the city, and we spent the night talking and laughing and exploring abandoned roads and tunnels.

we walked to dinner after camp everyday and had conversations about art, education, and God. sometimes we sang sound of music and disney tunes as well .sometimes we danced.

i came home. i learned a lot, saw a lot, walked a lot, and felt a ton. its been a pretty rad summer. 


  1. You, beautiful person, live life fully.

  2. OKAY SO MUCH YES. Especially the food. I bet the ratio of words of food to the other words (peasant words) is like 2:1 and just yes.


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