+ live simply, live well.
+ declutter your life from distractions, declutter your mind, know exactly what you like and pursue    
   these things.
+ be honest.
+ live wildly.
+ embrace new, learning, difference.
+ stuff your eyes with as much wonder as you possibly can, live for experience, not things.
+ be brutally honest; tell your friends when your terrified, when your fearless, when your confused.
+ live deeply; don't be shallow or surfacy.
+ never do the clique thing, always be friends and make friends whenever you can.
+ stargaze, wake up early to see the sunrise, and go outside after dinner to watch the sunset.
+ change makes life interesting.
+ dance, whenever you can. laugh, joke, smile.
+ go barefoot, wear dresses and skirts,  be a lady (but also kick off your heels and run around in high-tops too).
+ wear it because you like it.
+ pray unceasingly, and don't worry.
+ read the bible like your life depends on it, because it does.
+ never worry about what people think.
+ go outdoors and camp. you'll be surprised what it does for you.
+ spend money on experience and people, not things.
+ be selfless, live selflessly.
never question God. ever. never doubt his love.


  1. So true. Every one of them. And the shots you picked are so very "beautiful things don't as for attention"-y. Quiet and the quietness is what makes the gorgeous.

  2. How did I not know you had a blog? Your words are so good. :) I'm loving this list, because I have found so many of them to be true for myself—things that I want.

  3. stalking your blog again because it's gorgeous.


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